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Astroffers is a deep sky object offering application, that shows the currently observable objects by your location. Useful filter options help you to find the most relevant hits, such as type, brightness and sky illumination.

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Astroffers based on the NGC database, however even the Messier catalog numbers are displayed, which has. You can search by these catalog numbers and even the well-known names. Every deep sky object has a pretty preview image.


Astroffers is an offline application, so you can use it under the sky without internet connection. Only the object's preview images need online status.

Selecting date and location

Astroffers offer results based on your time and location, therefore you need to set up your coordinates befure using. You can also use the suggested network position.

Filtering by magnitude and surface brightness

DSO observability depends on their brightness and your telescope's diameter, so Astroffers allows you to filtering by magnitude or surface brightness.

Filtering by type and constellation

If you interested for a special object type or types, you can set your filter accordingly. Astroffers has also ability for filtering by constellation.

Illumination of the sky

Astroffers considers the position of Sun and Moon, because they influence the observability of objects. You can define the interpretation of the twilight and the astronomical night. If you do not care about the Moon, you can ingore the Moon's position.


CSV export should be useful for creating your observation plan.

Useful charts

You can find a clear and simple overview of the sky illumination including twilight, Moon's light pollution and astronomical night. Also you can follow on charts the altitude and azimuth curves of an object during the night.

Development and feedback

Astroffers is an open-source project, you can find, fork and develop on Github. You can also create issues if you find any bugs or you have any feature idea.